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Boring Life Update Gets Minioned

New post at The AQ Blog! Now with more #minions and a #lifeupdate “Boring Life Update Gets Minioned”

If you’re a regular reader of this little blog, you may have noticed that I have not posted in a really looooooong time. There is a reason for that! And it is the subject of this little life update. In the spirit of “Here’s what you missed on Glee,” here’s how my life has been lately. Let’s hit the highlights with a minimal amount of singing.


So, it turns out that I have to work a lot more…

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A man I knew and who left his mark - Father Boardman C. Reed, affectionately known as Boom Boom. “Whelmed”

ReedBoardman.eps_20120320When I was young, I knew a man called Father Reed. He was the priest who baptised my brother into the church. He had been a pilot in World War 2 and then Korea. He flew bombers, pressing the button to release their fatal cargo. He married a woman who had been in movies, who had legs that went on for miles and could dance her around the stage in the lightest step of a flitting fairy. He became a…

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Papal Challenge

New post at The AQ Blog! I could be wrong? #PopeFrancis teaching me a lesson on #immigration”Papal Challenge”

Last week, I talked about Christianity, politics and what I would like to see happen between the two. Today, Pope Francis has created a challenge to my views both in practicality and for my own personal journey. In this post I would like to truly reflect on what all this means to me and what it might mean practically.

PopeFrancisStewardshipweb‘Throwaway Culture’

Pope Francis has been vocal about his stance on…

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Today on The AQ Blog, I’m giving a link to an article I wrote on #popefrancis Regular programming resumes tomorrow!

Rarely does my work and my blog intersect like they have this week. Yesterday I wrote about some of the spiritual aspects of priestly celibacy.

Today on The AQ Blog, I’m giving a link to an article I wrote on #popefrancis Regular programming resumes tomorrow!

Rarely does my work and my blog intersect like they have this week. Yesterday I wrote about some of the spiritual aspects of priestly celibacy.

Priestly Celibacy: A Dangerous Chastity

New post at The AQ Blog! Talkin’ about preists! #priest #celibacy #popefrancis “Priestly Celibacy: A Dangerous Chastity”

Pope Francis gave an interview that has become international news, mostly because of his comments about priestly celibacy and pedophilia. Later today I will probably write an article on this topic, but that will be a secular offering. Here I wanted to address the issue of priestly celibacy and why I see it as dangerous, not just because of sexual abuse, but because of other spiritual reasons as…

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Christianity’s Las Vegas

New post at The AQ Blog! See everyone after the weekend! “Christianity’s Las Vegas”

I want to wrap up the week with an idea I read in Relevant Magazine. In an article called “7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics,” a very true statement was made.

“Political discourse is the Las Vegas of Christianity – the environment in which our sin is excused. Hate is winked at, fear is perpetuated and strife is applauded. Go wild, Christ-follower. Your words have no consequences…

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Jesus(R) or Jesus(D)?

Talking a little religion at The AQ Blog. #Republicans and #Democrats might like it “Jesus(R) or Jesus(D)?”

American Christianity is a very interesting breed. It is so caught up in political spheres that sometimes I wonder if it is really a religion at all. I am all for political participation, but very often it happens at the expense of faith. While I would never tell someone to completely separate religious belief from political action, I think a case can be made for re-examining the focus between…

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Jesus Would Have Voted Democrat [Audio]

Sharing something from SoundCloud #politics “Jesus Would Have Voted Democrat [Audio]”

Sticking with the general theme of this week, I have been listening to this on SoundCloud and thought I would share. If you listen to it, do not be surprised to find some of its ideas in later posts. It has definitely sparked some thoughts.

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Secular Bible

Talking about scriptural texts at The AQ Blog! Also how American am I? Let’s find out! #bible #american #priorities “Secular Bible”

Well, Ladies and Gentlement and Various Others, I have finished my course on the Bible. I spent yesterday banging out the last week’s lectures and homework, which only took a couple hours. It was so much fun. That course more than anything recently has changed my perspective so much. If you’re thinking about taking a class, try Coursera first. It’s free and so rewarding. And you can find me…

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Depression Is Not My Friend

#USAUSAUSA #WorldCup #depression I do talk about serious things, but this game, man… Killing me, #USMNT “Depression Is Not My Friend”

The last week, I have not been myself. I’ve been depressed. I wouldn’t say I’ve been deeply depressed, but I would say it’s been close. I have not taken pleasure in anything I normally do. Reading, politics, writing and games have tasted like ash in the mouth. I’ve been distant from my partner in a way that worries me. My dreams have been… unusual, at least. I have not been myself at all. That is…

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