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What I’ve Been Working on Recently

Some shameless self-promotion. Check out my recent work on other sites & help me make a living “What I’ve Been Working on Recently”

Just so you know what is keeping me from working on the blog, here is one article I wrote today. It has a slightly religious, slightly political focus. But since Halloween is coming up, it is at least topical. This is my job and, honestly, it is my dream. Every click on something I’ve written helps support me both emotionally and monetarily. Yes, this is a slight shameless plug. I hope you’ll…

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"Evolving Dharma" Review and Spiritual Update

New pot at The AQ Blog! A bit more about my exploration of #Buddhism “Evolving #Dharma” Review and Spiritual Update

I’ve discussed my interest in Buddhism and the practice of meditation before, so I wanted to update you on my journey so far, a well as give a small book review. As you may remember, I started to doubt the point of believing in Christianity some time ago. I have always felt firmly Christian, but the loss of my home church, my studies into history and theology, as well as some of my experiences as…

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Catholics and the Gays: A New Schism

New post at The AQ Blog. What the controversy about the new message on #lgbt issues is really about #catholic “Catholics and the Gays: A New Schism “

By now you’ve seen the news. The Vatican has announced in a communique from its synod that there is a softening in the attitude towards homosexuals – not a repudiation of its official doctrine, but instead a more welcoming attitude to those gay Catholics who darken the parish door. While the synod has reaffirmed its opposition to gay marriage and the legal classification of civil unions, this…

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Shun and Shame

New post at The AQ Blog, inspired by Abetz #auspol #christianity “Shun and Shame”

This morning I tweeted a sermon about how to use shame on disobedient Christians. You heard that right, guys. It was a sermon about how to shame people. I won’t bother recapping the sermon, but I’ll leave a link to it at the end of this post. Instead, I want to look at the passage of Scripture that the sermon used and see what we can do with it.

2 Thessalonians 3:6-15

6 In the name of the Lord…

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Tiny Lives

New post at The AQ Blog. Our kittens died #death #grief #god “Tiny Lives” @theatheistwife

It is so much easier to believe in God. Everything makes sense when set against the backdrop of infinity. We want the plan God has for us, we need its order to make sense of the chaos that is life. God gives reason to everything that happens, including the senseless things like death. Especially death.

Our two kittens, B.J. and Speedy turned a month old three days ago. Yesterday, within 12 hours…

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Life Update - WE’RE OUTTA HERE!

The AQ Blog is moving to #Queensland !! And we couldn’t be more happy “Life Update - WE’RE OUTTA HERE!”

We’re Moving!

After months of waiting, the Atheist Wife and I finally have a date for leaving Sydney. The weekend of November 28, we’re leaving New South Wales for sunny Queensland. We’re buying moving boxes this weekend and I will begin the fun task of packing up everything nice and safe. Then we’re out of here!

I am honestly so excited. Sydney is a lovely place, but all of our people are in…

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American Jesus [AQ Reviews]

New blog post and new feature at The AQ Blog! #AQReviews “American Jesus [AQ Reviews]”

This is the first of a semi-regular section of The AQ Blog called ‘AQ Reviews.’ It will primarily involve book and film reviews. Film will be rated out of 5 stars. Books will either be ‘recommended,’ ‘not recommended,’ or ‘recommended with reservations.’ I will attempt to review things that are readily available on the internet, Netflix, at libraries or bookstores and will provide links to what I…

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#NRLGrandFinal [Programming Note]

New blog post at The AQ Blog with a #programmingnote #gorabbitohs #NRLGrandFinal [Programming Note]

“The place where legend is created.” -commentator

That’s right, everyone, I am watching the NRL Grand Final between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canterbury Bulldogs. This time last year, I watched Manly Sea Eagles lose to the Sydney Roosters. The moment I realized that we were living in Manly, I became a Manly fan and that was the beginning of belonging to Aussie football (or rugby, for you…

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Can There Be Religion for Atheists?

New post at The AQ Blog! Finished @alaindebotton #Religion for #Atheists and wrote this “Can There Be Religion for Atheists?”

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty low and, frankly, I still feel pretty bad. But I woke up at 7am and I have the whole day ahead of me. Just sleeping well and waking up well is enough to put a change, even a small change, into your mood. So, yesterday I said that I was finishing Alain de Botton’s Religion for Atheists and that I would give my thoughts on it at some point. Well, I finished it last…

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A Lull [Programming Note]

New post at The AQ Blog! Just a quick note and an update of my #depression status “A Lull [Programming Note]”

This is one of my favorite depression representations. It feels very accurate.

This is one of my favorite depression representations. It feels very accurate.

I can’t really do a good blog post today. I’m in one of those depressive lows where things are fine, I’m able to function, but when it comes to having the energy and mental fortitude to put together a good, creative endeavour, I simply can’t. I haven’t posted in a couple days and I was hoping to change that today with…

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